A few thoughts on emotional/spiritual components of 2022

A few thoughts on emotional/spiritual components of 2022 A few thoughts on emotional/spiritual components of 2022
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There seems to be about ten minutes of content in the middle that is missing... seems to be where I discuss how this is a relational time but I'm going to figure out what I put there. I was recording right by my window and I live right out on a road so sorry if the sound quality is weird when cars drive by!
Part 2 on physical/mental coming soon.
I discuss:
2022 is a very relational year ~ really good to ensure you're around the right people. North Node in Taurus is Venus ruled, 2+2+2 = 6... relational
Hypothetical implications of plasma discharges, solar winds & storms, magnetic changes
vmat2 gene/god gene
(mysterious 10 minutes of silence in the middle... where I swear I had content)
South Node in Scorpio
Harsh energetic & emotional climate
Underworld component
People seem to glom onto the south node
the south node IS the snare
get ready for emotional masturbation and people being messy
tendency for self-sabotage, chaos
Jupiter in Pisces
Jupiter conjunct Neptune
Super duper mystical energy
and propaganda to the hilt, but louder than it has been as to distract from the increase in imagination
Cycles of abuse
March-April: distraction, deception, confusion
Discernment and walking in step with ourselves
The necessity of connecting with nature and the natural world
Nature can be defined as all that creates in my eyes anyway
energetic hygiene, identifying when energy is foreign to you and removing it
Jupiter in Aries and resurgence of individualism: how are we going to play that
Hive mind
Spiritually bracing for transhumanism to manifest more physically
Mars in Gemini retrograde at the end of the year throughout all the stuff the North Node went over in the last 18 months... talk about a time loop
Venus retrograde as well
Pluto in Capricorn and the necessity to reconnect with our roots