Primadonnas of the Gutter Episode 14: El/on Earth

Primadonnas of the Gutter Episode 14: El/on Earth
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This week the Primadonnas celebrate autumn by sidling up to the fire with apple cider in hand and tin foil blankets for extra insulation as they discuss the very busy week of one Mr. Elon Musk.

In this episode the ladies invite you to ponder the energy and contextualized archetypes of Elon Musk.

Is he a hero? An anti-hero? A troll extraordinare? Perhaps to YOU he is as a card carrying illuminati member or maybe you see him as a savior to free speech?

No matter your perception Elon has definitely given us something to talk about, or tweet about, even.

Please enjoy as the ladies discuss:

Elon: the man, the myth, the cyborg

Digital labrynth: who's the bad guy again?

Order ab Elo

A "stark" comparison

2018: A Tesla Odyssey

It's gonna be MAY

And so much more!

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