Primadonnas of the Gutter Episode 10: Watch the Wa-TEAR

Primadonnas of the Gutter Episode 10: Watch the Wa-TEAR
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This week the Primadonna's put on their tinfoil lined neoprene body suits as they prepare to dive into a recently discovered portal located somewhere in spacetime atop Kim Kardashians's turing tested virtual tear.

On our 10th episode the ladies go deep into the virtual space to discuss the recent changes to the realm and how the "open rule" becomes more apparent by the day.

The ladies invite you to question the nature of reality as they contemplate the following concepts:

Celebrity and Influencer culture: what is real?

Kim Kardashian's tear drop: the portal to Kell

Virtual reality

Body modification and pillow faces

Integrated Visual Augmentation: it's not just for the military anymore!

Material reality will be left for the birds

Biotechnology, homo techno and homo augmentus

Canceled concert tours: The show isn't going on

Doja Cat: alien nation or humiliation?

Will the real Madonna please stand up?

Beta Kitten/cat Programming in its later stages

Missing persons (in the episode we refer to the missing persons of Spokane when in fact the town is YAKIMA, WA.)

And so much more!

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