Primadonnas of the Gutter episode 9: Operation: Lazy Gravy

Primadonnas of the Gutter episode 9: Operation: Lazy Gravy
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On this weeks 9th episode of Primadonnas of the Gutter the ladies get dressed to the nines, (and thoroughly bored), as they use their tin foil VR goggles to virtually walk the BLACK CARPET for the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards.

Don't worry, darlings! The main event proved milquetoast but the primadonnas are nothing if not mavens at the art of finding hidden portals to deeper meaning among the vulgarity of popculture.

Sit back, relax, enjoy the show as the ladies discuss:

Pink is the new black and black is the new red

Nicki Minaj is the most sincere barbie we've ever met

No shade: We live in an openly masonic society

Lizzo is 100% that bitch

Becky G represents and the tale of the triad claw

Disney's latest siren (and were not talkin ariel): Dove Cameron

Age gap discourse: grooming isnt gravy

Plus Britney's tape, Demi Lovato returns her rock roots and Jlo and Ben help us return to a simpler time in 1999.


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