Primadonnas of The Gutter E1 Oscars Edition

Primadonnas of The Gutter E1 Oscars Edition
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On today's cherry red episode of Primadonnas of the Gutter, Niish and Amy Dee pin on their tin foil tiaras and meld minds about all things pertaining to Hollywood's Spring Ceremonial Ritual known as the OSCARS.

Listen and enjoy as they review the red carpet fashions, the esoteric traditions and of course the bitch slap heard around the realm.

They pinky promise that you have NEVER heard popculture and synchronicity covered quite like this!

In this episode they discuss:

• The implications of Beyonce's yellow dress and opening ceremony ritual.

• Kim Kardashian's futuristic goddess love sounds.

• Lady Gaga may or may not want to steal Liza Minelli's final breath.

• The swinging of the cultural pendulum as reflected hollywood.

• James Bond is the canary in the coal mine

• Will Smith avenges Jada's alopecia and bitch slaps Chris Rock.

• Chris Rock turning the other cheek

• Why was there so much Blue and Yellow?

• Who is Jada Pinkett Smith, really?

And so much more.